Back in January 2014, Jesus Culture recorded a new record/blu-ray live in Sacramento, California.  Sacramento is the new home base for Jesus Culture, and soon to be local Jesus Culture Church. This record meant alot to us as a band and a ministry.  It is my favorite that we’ve done so far.  Below is a photo of my boy Luca.  He likes to put his hands up when music is playing.  It’s awesome.

I wanted to take a moment and give you guys a quick run down on the gear I used when we recorded the album.


Gretsch Green Sparkle Jet

’65 Epiphone Coronet.  Also known as “Bill”

Gibson SG Celebrity

NYGuitars Strat

NYGuitars Jag

TMG Gatton


Pedals:  Here’s a photo of my pedal board at the time of the recording.

Pedal rundown:


Rc Booster

Little Green Wonder

JHS Super Bolt

Walrus Audio Jupitor


Timon Klein Looper


Ernie ball vp junior

Deep blue delay by mad professor

Strymon Timeline

Electro harmonix micro pog

Strymon blue sky

Boss Rv 5

Powered by The Gig Rig

wired up by Lava Cables.

Sometimes i like to put white GAF tape on my volume pedal to write our setlist on.


Hope you guys enjoyed the record.  If you dont have it, you can pick it up here: