Hey guys.  A few weeks ago Jesus Culture did a two week tour on the East Coast.  Was a great time.  Here’s a little photo recap.

Rehearsal in Chris’s basement.  Also known as the Q station.  Josh getting real technical with traditional cross sticking.  what a pro.

My new TMG guitar came in the day before we flew out to Boston. Just in time. Its real slick. I used this and the Gretsch green sparkle jet on this tour.

Airplane buddies.

Boston, walkin around.  It was cold here.. but it was cold everywhere.

I blocked the driveway.

Josh and I getting in the zone by watching a little Pino.

House of Blues.


Best Buy Theater in Times Square.

Watching the Niners lose, backstage of the Best Buy Theater.

a fancy coffee shop in SoHo.

Saying hello to our buddy, Jeremy Griffith.  In SoHo.

The gas station from zoolander.. you know, the freak gasoline fight accident.

A knicks game.



A cool amp and a cool guitar and a cool guy’s garage. In Cincinatti.

Another city..

My Amps.

Ping Pong at the Sweetwater headquarters.

Detroit snow ball fight.

Detroit back stage pictionary.

mobile homes.


Going home

Airplane buddies.

Airplane buddies.  Almost home.