I’ve recently teamed up with the folks at BadCat amps, and they helped me come up with my own signature series amp! Of course, we named it Luca after my son. He’s a little stud.

This amp Rules! I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. BadCat is a amazing amp company, and i’m stoked to be adding this guy to my arsenal. I expect its gonna get a lot of play on future records and tours.

The Luca is based off of the Wild Cat 40’s 12AX7 channel. Its a C30 circuit that runs through 2 EL34s. The Luca also has the ability to switch between using standard bass/treble/cut controls, or switching over to a 6 position tone wheel. The amp can be used with traditional master/volume knobs to make the tubes break up quicker, or you can switch off the master knob and just use only the volume knob, resulting in quite a lot of headroom for clean tones. Power and Standby knobs were also moved from the back of the amp out to the front. The Luca also has a Half Power switch in the back, which lets me cut the power of the amp in half if I want. This option is great for getting sweet tone at lower volumes.

This guy is definitely one of my favorite amps i’ve ever played. Mine is Red and Black with a 2×12 cab (badcat speakers). Check out the pictures, and i’ll post some demo videos soon so you can hear it growl.

It’s available now at BadCat.Com.