A practical guide to learning the Nashville Number System


This is a 30 page easy read workbook and tutorial on music theory basics for all musicians. It's meant to be for those of us who know how to play or sing, but don’t really know how to build chords, scales or understand how the notes we are playing/singing are relating to each other.  Its basically a overview of the music theory that I think every musician should know in the music industry today.  It will teach you how to build scales, chords, and intervals, and how to use the Nashville Number System (which is basically a communication system between musicians that is used to quickly refer to chords and chord progressions).  This book is meant to be an easy guide to an often-confusing subject, and will give you the keys to understanding the Nashville Number System.



Music Theory for the Music Industry Pt 2


Train Your Ear is a powerful tool to help you master the Nashville Number System, a widely used system of communicating chords and chord progressions in the modern music industry.  This book combines sounds and visual examples in a question/answer format to help you master your relative pitch skills, and take your ear training to new levels.  Accessible for both beginner and advanced musicians, this book will put your ear to the test, and train it.


E-book Availabe Now Here!

Workbook Available Here!  The perfect companion to Train Your Ear Ebook (Ebook purchase required with workbook)


A practical guide to music theory for the guitar


This book is an invitation to learn guitar beyond beginning chords and the first 3 frets.  In a very practical and easy to understand method, I explain my methods of using music theory for the guitar.  The goal of the book is to “unlock” the guitar neck for you by making sense of chord structures, positions, inversions and patterns that I use daily.  A compliment to Music Theory for the Music Industry, this book enables a guitarist to apply the little bit of theory that every player should know in order to play creatively and confidently.  Inside this book you will find, simple step-by-step instruction with corresponding diagrams, transposing and ear training techniques, as well as a peek into my own practice and learning regiment.  This book is a great tool to keep handy for your practice sessions and is well suited for beginning up to more advanced players.  Get a glimpse into how I play the guitar.